Tanium Core

See everything and do anything with Tanium Core

Ask questions and take actions on millions of endpoints in seconds.

Legacy security and management tools are expensive, slow, and provide incomplete results. Many IT teams have given up on getting accurate data or executing changes quickly, and instead settle for less than 100 percent visibility into and control over their environments, and most importantly their endpoints.


Get visibility into all endpoints to ensure they are managed, healthy, and in their desired state.
Gain complete control over endpoints and take precise action at any scale.
Reduce total cost of ownership by using a single solution for security and operations tasks.


Ask questions in plain English, take action, and examine results using built-in questions and sensors, or create new ones to support custom use cases.
Continuously monitor, measure, and report on key security and operations metrics, such as patches and vulnerabilities, encryption, firewall status, hardware and software inventory, uptime, and disk usage.
Enrich systems such as SIEMs, log analytics tools, help desk ticketing systems, CMDBs, and big data clusters by feeding them with up-to-the-second data from every endpoint in the environment.
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