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Gain visibility & resiliency in your application environment

Understand application components, dependencies, and relationships quickly and accurately.

IT, infrastructure, and security teams require accurate and automated application dependency maps in order to deliver true application-level business resilience. Application Dependency Mapping (ADM) provides these teams the ability to investigate and respond to application outages and degradations. The majority of these incidents are self-inflicted but can be prevented if the proper ADM practice is in play. Understanding all the underlying components of an application can also unveil risky interdependencies, cost inefficiencies, single points of failure, and capacity misalignment—all of which can help optimize application infrastructure.


Obtain real‐time and historical insight into applications and interrelationships among endpoints.
Investigate application outages, and evaluate the impact of potential changes.
Optimize application infrastructure for cost efficiency, single points of failure, redundancy, and capacity.
Validate network segmentation and isolation for critical systems.
Evaluate application utilization by end‐users over time.

Module features

Instantly generate precise and comprehensive end-to-end maps of your applications, in real-time, or time shifted, to view components, interdependencies, and changes over time.
Zoom into an endpoint to see the applications that depend on it and the other endpoints it connects to.
Build out your canonical application library by discovering applications from historical network activity and our pre-built library of vendor application definitions.
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