Tanium Patch

Distribute, manage, and report on operating system and application patches

Customize patch workflows with up-to-the-second endpoint visibility and control regardless of network scale.

Too many organizations are caught in “analysis paralysis” when it comes to keeping critical systems up to date. They are scared that if they patch too quickly something may break and cause downtime. But leaving systems unpatched all but guarantees a breach.


Get up-to-the-minute patch status of millions of endpoints in seconds
Deploy patches to operating systems and applications with confidence
Customize scheduling and workflows

Module features

Deliver Windows operating system patching capabilities with groundbreaking speed and reliability without requiring ongoing infrastructure additions, even as the network grows over time.
Provide patch administrators the flexibility to define custom workflows and schedule patches based on advanced rules or exceptions built around whitelists, blacklists, dynamic groups and patch lists.
Generate patch reports and get current results from every endpoint of interest across the enterprise environment.
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