A global medical and scientific services company went from taking 2 days to compile a list of Amazon AMIs to collecting the same data in seconds.


Cloud Requires Visibility

New cloud IaaS workloads are exploding and IT needs visibility and control that spans multiple cloud vendors along with existing endpoints.

Through cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), organizations can purchase computing infrastructure, provisioned and managed over the internet. Maintaining visibility and control for every asset in IaaS environments can be very challenging. It’s even more challenging across multiple cloud vendors (AWS, Azure, Google) along with on premises infrastructure.

Separate point solutions for security, compliance, and asset management do not necessarily work seamlessly with cloud endpoints. This can slow down security and IT operations teams, which leads to high-risk visibility gaps that delay remediation.

Why Customers Choose Tanium for Cloud

Consolidate Visibility

Unified visibility and control for assets across the organization, including endpoints in cloud IaaS providers, no matter where they exist.

Reduce Risk

Confidently mitigate threats and vulnerabilities with unparalleled speed and flexibility across mixed environments.

Remove Siloed Tools

Minimize the need for cloud management and security point solutions that add complexity and fragment security and operations processes.