Publishing Powerhouse Transforms Its Digital Operations With Tanium

Tanium helps us quickly distill large volumes of information about our sprawling, constantly changing virtual server environment. With Tanium, we can efficiently determine the key actions we need to take to keep our hybrid cloud infrastructure secure.

Matt Reid Senior Director of Technology Infrastructure and Operations, Elsevier

Scalable, Responsive Management and Protection of Dynamic Cloud-Based Infrastructure Drives Business Growth

Elsevier’s transition from traditional data centers and on-premises applications to an agile, hybrid cloud infrastructure powers the company’s transformation into a 21st century publishing powerhouse and sustains a continuous pipeline of new products, leveraging multiple cloud environments to deliver greater scale and agility.

Managing thousands of transitory, virtual server instances

The need to constantly spin up thousands of servers, sometimes for only a few hours, requires incredible control on a daunting scale. Before Tanium, managing, tracking and controlling the software, licensing and patch levels for these often transitory server instances was enormously complex.

Security at scale

To manage its highly ephemeral virtual environment, Elsevier implemented a suite of Tanium products to bring visibility and control to its vast and dynamic pool of virtual servers. The Tanium Platform helps the Elsevier security team rapidly identify vulnerabilities across cloud endpoints and take immediate action to eliminate the exposure.

Visibility and control over a vast and volatile environment

Insights offered by the Tanium Platform have uncovered several opportunities for enhancing the performance of Elsevier’s cloud operations, such as highlighting underutilized stored data or software assets nearing end of life. With Tanium, the company now has a detailed map of its applications, devices, and cloud endpoints.

Elsevier Scales Digital Operations With Tanium

Hear from Matt Reid, senior director of technology infrastructure and operations at Elsevier, about on how Tanium is partnering with his team.

The Most Technically Demanding Organizations Trust Tanium

The visibility we gained with Tanium was incredibly impressive. Classifying inventory and discovering IoT devices has been made possible.

Ken Athanasiou Former CISO, AutoNation

Operating on a global scale provides a lot of challenges when it comes to knowing your environment. For the first time, we’ve been able to get a fast and accurate picture of our environment with Tanium.

Troels Oerting Former Group Chief Security Officer, Barclays

Using Tanium, a team member asked ‘What machines are running Thunderbolt monitors?’ and got the answer back immediately. Leveraging Tanium, the team correlated the event of a specific monitor being plugged in with the network outage, which was the key data needed to isolate the issue with the display.

Jason White Director of the CSIRT, GoDaddy

Tanium is very good at answering very specific questions, being able to get the data back is so satisfying and raises the level of quality of the analyst data.

Sutter Health Team Cyber Security & Privacy Investigation Team, Sutter Health

Before Tanium we were always behind the curve with virus definitions. We were always playing catch up. It wasn’t unusual for 5–10% of our devices to be out of compliance with our policy. Once we deployed Tanium, our average went down to less than 1% almost overnight.

Greg Fisbeck Former Senior Manager of Cyber Security Operations, Whirlpool