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The Tanium Platform

Real-time visibility. Comprehensive control.
Rapid response.

The Tanium platform unifies security and IT operations teams with a single view of critical endpoint data in real time that's comprehensive and accurate so that organizations can make informed decisions and act with lightning speed to minimize disruptions to the business.

See The Tanium Platform In Action

Take a tour of the platform with our CEO and co-founder, Orion Hindawi.

A Platform Built for a Work-from-Anywhere World

All the power of Tanium – now managed and delivered from the cloud.

Tanium Platform Architecture Diagram

Real-Time Visibility

Gain a comprehensive, accurate and real-time understanding of your IT environment at any scale, wherever your endpoints exist.

Comprehensive Control

Take action on thousands of issues with lightning speed and precision, from patching to killing processes without adding more agents or complexity.

Rapid Response

Outrun breaches when traditional safeguards fail with a platform that provides the real-time data you need to quickly scope incidents and stop threats.

Powerful Capabilities Deliver Visibility, Control and Response to Every Customer

Get Answers in Seconds

Ask questions in plain English to understand the state of your endpoints, examine results and take action in real time.

Connect Tanium Data with External Systems

Enrich external or third-party systems with real-time data from the endpoints in your environment.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Enable continuous measurement and reporting on key security and operations metrics, such as patches and vulnerabilities.

Strengthen Zero Trust Initiatives

Connect to your favorite identity provider to further strengthen access control with Tanium's rich telemetry.

Reduce Lateral Movement Risk

Reduce lateral movement risk with real-time data visualizations that help you prioritize and remediate overly permissive admin rights.

Increase Data Quality and Speed

With our patented architecture, increase the quality and breadth of data and the speed in which you receive it, wherever your endpoints exist.

Take Control with Endpoint Management You Can Trust

Manage end user, server and cloud endpoints with speed, scale and reliability.

Manage, inventory, monitor, contextualize and remediate end user, server and cloud endpoints with ultimate visibility and control at scale to keep everything up-to-date and secure.

Detect, Respond and Recover Quickly with Endpoint Security and Risk

Reduce risk, hunt threats and recover from security incidents in seconds.

Identify, protect, detect, respond to and recover from threats affecting cloud and on-premises servers, systems and platforms, as well as devices running legacy or modern operating systems.

Learn more about the solutions that comprise our Endpoint Security and Risk offering.


Extend the Tanium Platform with Our Partner Ecosystem

Driven by open APIs, Tanium is a cornerstone platform for your IT architecture.

Through enriching security or operational data stores, Tanium makes your existing investments better through rich and up-to-date endpoint information.

By partnering with leaders in the industry such as Google Cloud and Salesforce, Tanium is building an ecosystem to power the future IT platform.

All the Power of Tanium, Delivered and Managed from the Cloud

Tanium as a Service – the first and only zero infrastructure endpoint management and security platform.

Get Started In Hours

Deploy the Tanium Platform in a matter of hours with preconfigured solutions across IT operations, risk and security.

Save Time and Money

Reduce time and money spent on managing and maintaining hardware with zero need for on-premises infrastructure.

Scale as Your Business Grows

Adopt new capabilities with ease as the needs of your business evolve.


Take a Test Drive

Experience unparalleled visibility and control of up to 50 endpoints in your network – try Tanium free for 14 days.