The average total cost of a data breach for organizations globally.

Ponemon Institute

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The average amount of cyber liability insurance organizations set aside to deal with data breaches.

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Tanium Resilience Gap Study


The Problem with Traditional Configuration Management Tools

Traditional configuration management tools:

  • Were designed for simpler environments, homogenous devices, and on-prem connections.
  • Often lack granular, specific controls, and force admins to rely on broadly defined policies.
  • Use a “spray and pray” approach, and send out policies without knowing if they were actually applied.

Traditional configuration management tools cannot reliably present the configuration status of all of your endpoints, and are often unable to define and enforce diverse policies across the environment.

What Tomorrow Looks Like With Tanium

With Tanium, establish standardized configurations across your endpoints in the environment.

Tanium will meaningfully transform your operational and security risk posture. You will develop a comprehensive picture of your endpoint environment, and deploy tools to remediate misconfigurations or conflicts.

Verify % of Enforcement Per Policy
Verify % of Enforcement Per Policy
Close Vulnerabilities Mitigate Risk
Close Vulnerabilities Mitigate Risk
Verify % of Endpoints with Active AV
Verify % of Endpoints with Active AV
Verify % of Enabled Disk Encryptions
Verify % of Enabled Disk Encryptions
Verify % of Endpoints with Active Firewalls
Verify % of Endpoints with Active Firewalls
Reduce IT Tool Cost and Complexity
Reduce IT Tool Cost and Complexity

Perform Configuration Management From a Single Console

Tanium provides the core management capabilities through a single console for operations, security and compliance workflows.

Unified Environment

Tanium provides a flexible solution that can monitor and manage policy settings – for both hardware, servers and clients – across mobile, desktop and laptop devices. Tanium effectively creates one environment that can be managed from a single console.

Consolidated Management

Tanium provides critical configuration management tools for both IT operations and security teams within one console, allowing them to work more collaboratively from a single source of truth.

Centralized Reporting

Tanium provides centralized reporting for your configuration management activities. Tanium can report on the configuration status of individual endpoints, groups of endpoints or the endpoint as a whole.

Operating on a global scale provides a lot of challenges when it comes to knowing your environment. For the first time, we’ve been able to get a fast and accurate picture of our environment with Tanium.

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Why Tanium for Configuration Management?

By replacing legacy tools and manual processes with a simple, intuitive, end-to-end solution, Tanium helps make configuration management:


Continuously monitor your environment for misconfigurations and collect real-time data.


Perform enterprise-scale scans of the endpoints in your environment, regardless of location – remote, on-prem or in the cloud.


Replace hundreds – or thousands – of servers with a single distributed instance that creates minimal network load.


Reduce the burden on IT by leveraging a centralized and streamlined management tool.


Define detailed, highly-specific controls to any endpoint or group of endpoints in your environment.


Perform critical configuration management scanning from a single, central platform.


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