of companies lack the necessary skills to accurately detect cyber breaches in real time.

Tanium Resilience Gap Study

Time taken from attacker’s first action in event chain to asset compromise.

2019 DBIR Report Verizon

The average amount spent by organizations in 2019 to ensure data protection.

Tanium, Vanson Bourne Visibility Gap Study

of IT decision-makers discover unknown endpoints on a weekly or daily basis.

Tanium, Vanson Bourne Visibility Gap Study


The Problem with Traditional Data Risk and Privacy Tools

Traditional data risk and privacy tools:

  • Have not adapted to modern environments and require expanding infrastructure to run.
  • Require a new scan every time you ask a question, causing network strain and long lead times.
  • Offer limited visibility, and often cannot provide information on encrypted data in transit.
  • Transmit and copy sensitive data to centralized databases, increasing your overall risk.

Traditional data risk and privacy tools fail to provide the real-time and comprehensive visibility and control required to manage sensitive data within modern endpoint environments.

What Tomorrow Looks Like With Tanium

Find sensitive data within a wide range of file formats and approaches to define your search.

Through out-of-the-box content, Tanium’s data risk and privacy solution enhances visibility into regulatory frameworks such as GDPR, PCI or CCPA, and also enables custom defined data patterns and rulesets to narrow your search, optimizing results.

Achieve & Maintain Compliance
Achieve & Maintain Compliance
Identify Endpoints Based on Rules
Identify Endpoints Based on Rules
Mitigate Overall Risk Exposure
Mitigate Overall Risk Exposure
Validate Non-Compliance Findings
Validate Non-Compliance Findings
Reduce Mean-Time-to-Remediate
Reduce Mean-Time-to-Remediate
Improve Validation Effectiveness
Improve Validation Effectiveness

Perform Data Risk and Privacy Actions from One Console

Tanium acts as a single source of truth for both auditors and remediation specialists, providing them with either validation of good standing, or a targeted set of recommendations to help restore compliance.

Sensitive Data Index

Tanium creates the ability to investigate assets at the individual level, or to leverage a big-picture view of your environment as a whole.

Real-Time Awareness

Tanium provides a clear and actionable understanding of the ways a particular asset connects with other assets in the environment.

Consolidated Effort

Tanium provides a single solution to manage a sensitive data practice and coordinate with other IT stakeholders on findings or potential remediation actions.

Tanium’s innovation and commitment to adapting to business needs is why I’m a three-time Tanium customer.

Ralph Loura CIO, Lumentum

Why Tanium for Data Risk and Privacy?

By moving away from rigid, siloed data risk and privacy tools to a unified solution, Tanium helps make managing data risk and privacy:


Receive answers to your sensitive data questions in real time.


Discover and integrate sensitive data patterns into alerts and workflows.


Access and work from an up-to-date picture of the data in your environment.


Manage sensitive data at enterprise scale from a single Tanium instance.


Perform constant data queries without overloading your network.


Build comprehensive visibility and coordinate with security stakeholders from one platform.


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