The estimated cost of breach-related damages by 2021.


of organizations detect a breach when it occurs.

2019 DBIR Report Verizon

Time taken from attacker’s first action in event chain to asset compromise.

2019 DBIR Report Verizon

of companies lack the necessary skills to accurately detect cyber breaches in real-time.

Tanium Resilience Gap Study


Many security tools are too narrowly focused to quickly adapt to major emerging threats.

Advanced attacks penetrate and stay hidden through any number of targeted and difficult to detect means including spear phishing, credential theft, or web app vulnerabilities. Once inside, attackers use native operating system functions, credential dumping and human error to opportunistically seek higher value targets and data. These types of threats can be extremely damaging and difficult to remediate, with some consisting of 200+ days of dwell time. The shift to distributed workforces and cloud computing just makes matters worse as the network no longer provides an effective defense.

The security point tools that organizations rely on are too rigid and narrowly focused to adapt to these sorts of advanced threats, and do not provide the visibility and control required to detect, respond to and remediate them — before they cause material harm. Security teams need the ability to quickly detect, scope and remediate incidents with access to near real-time data, extensive historical telemetry and the flexibility to stay one step ahead of advanced attacks before they become enterprise-wide breaches.



How Gaps in IT Resilience Impact Your Business


Tanium Endpoint Detection and Response

Provide a guided approach to enterprise-scale threat detection and investigation.

Tanium Threat Response

Detect, investigate and remediate any incident before it becomes an enterprise-wide breach.

Tanium Enforce

Simplify and centralize policy management of end user computing devices to help eliminate and mitigate vulnerabilities and business risk.

Tanium Core

Ask any question, retrieve accurate, complete data and manage millions of endpoints at scale.