Time taken from attacker’s first action in event chain to asset compromise.

2019 DBIR Report Verizon

Time taken for data breaches to be discovered by government agencies.

2019 DBIR Report Verizon

The average total cost of a data breach for organizations globally.

Ponemon Institute

~15 Sec
Time required for complete visibility and control across an agency's network.

Tanium Defend at the Speed of Cyber


Going above and beyond CDM requirements by defending at the speed of cyber.

Studies have shown that the federal government is slow to discover when networks have been compromised. Breaches in the public sector often take months to discover and contain, and are over 2.5 times more likely to be undiscovered for years. To combat this problem, DHS has instituted a 72-hour network scanning goal as part of the CDM Program. While this is a step in the right direction and marked a substantial improvement in federal risk management, attackers operate in minutes and seconds.



How to Manage Investment and Mitigate Risk with the Tanium Platform


Tanium for Federal Government Agencies

Stay ahead of your cyber enemies with a single platform for security and IT operations that offers a high level of visibility, control and speed.

Gain Visibility and Control

Discover managed and unmanaged assets, query live data from all your endpoints and detect vulnerabilities before they become serious threats – all from a single platform.

Act with Unparalleled Speed

Identify potential threats, potentially contain breaches and remediate risk within seconds or minutes, not days and weeks, regardless of the number of endpoints on your network.

Drive Innovation and Proper IT Hygiene

Bridge the gaps between your IT operations and security functions by reducing the complexity of your infrastructure, replacing out-dated legacy applications and providing a single source of truth across endpoints.

How Tanium Helped Federal Government Customers Succeed

Customer leveraged Tanium to successfully patch CVE-2020-0601 across more than 200,000 endpoints in less than 24 hours.

A Federal Government Customer