The average amount spent by organizations in 2019 to ensure data protection.

Tanium, Vanson Bourne Visibility Gap Study

of IT decision-makers discover unknown endpoints on a weekly or daily basis.

Tanium, Vanson Bourne Visibility Gap Study

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Ponemon Institute

of endpoint security tools fail every month.



Higher education institutions must balance innovation and security as they embrace technology.

As higher education moves from the classroom to the web, enabling students and staff with simple and secure digital solutions is necessary. Institutions must embrace strategies that enable online, bring-your-own-device, 24/7 learning environments while protecting sensitive institutional and student data.

But with each department using different security and IT tools, gaps form and organizations are left open to disruption.



How to Manage Investment and Mitigate Risk with the Tanium Platform


Higher Education by Tanium

Modernize your security and IT operations, free up resources and drive innovation with the unparalleled visibility, control and speed of a single platform.

Drive Innovation and Proper IT Hygiene

Bridge the gaps between your IT operations and security functions by reducing the complexity of your infrastructure, replacing out-dated legacy applications and providing a single source of truth for all your endpoints.

Gain Visibility and Control

Discover all of your managed and unmanaged assets, query live data from all your endpoints and detect vulnerabilities before they become serious threats – all from a single platform.

Free Up IT Resources

Use a single platform across security and IT operations to automate detection and remediation, deploy patches and updates at scale and reduce your IT's complexity by eliminating point solutions and used licenses.

How Tanium Helped Higher Education Customers Succeed

A perfect experience in terms of the security of the network. Our network is used by almost 10,000 students daily, with some proxies and others. Traffic contained too much malicious data. But thanks to Tanium, we now have end-to-end security.

Higher Education Customer Assistant Professor, Gartner Peer Insights