of IT leaders find critical updates believed to be deployed were not actually updated on all devices.

Tanium Resilience Gap Study

of organizations need at least one month to patch servers in their environment.

SANS Institute

of organizations said they were breached as a result of an unpatched vulnerability.

Ponemon Institute

12 Days
are lost coordinating patches across teams for vulnerabilities.

Ponemon Institute


The Problem with Patch Management Tools

Traditional patch management tools:

  • Fail to deliver comprehensive patch and OS visibility or compliance across WFH environments.
  • Require dozens or hundreds of staging servers, increasing overhead and points for failure.
  • Threaten to crash the operating environment every time they are run at scale.
  • Force admins to follow sub-optimal patching processes and accept lowered patch coverage.

Traditional patch management approaches require multiple tools to operate, place strain on the network, and leave organizations unable to apply all required patches in a timely manner – if at all.

What Tomorrow Looks Like With Tanium

Tanium establishes a complete and accurate picture of your patch and OS environment, providing up-to-the-minute information on an endpoint, update or deployment.

Tanium leverages a unique distributed architecture which reduces the network load required to perform large-scale patches and updates and can address endpoints regardless of their location.

Achieve 99% Patch Coverage and Visibility
Achieve 99% Patch Coverage and Visibility
Patch Full Environments in Minutes or Hours
Patch Full Environments in Minutes or Hours
Streamline Operations Reduce Overhead
Streamline Operations Reduce Overhead
Reduce Patch Window
Reduce Patch Window
Apply Missing Old Patches
Apply Missing Old Patches
Reduce Risk Exposure
Reduce Risk Exposure

Create a Unified, Automated Patch Management Capability

By bringing all essential asset data together into one console, Tanium’s solution provides organizations with a powerful, single source of truth.

Patch Discovery

Continuously scan your environment for new endpoints and for missing patches or updates on those endpoints.

Patch Control

Create dynamic rules and exceptions for your environment, as well as the creation of customized patching playbooks.

Patch Reporting

Produce automated reports that tell business stakeholders the accurate status of their patch environment every month.

When we got full visibility across our entire environment we discovered we had a significant problem with patch currency that wasn’t visible using our previous tools.

Auto Industry Retailer

Why Tanium for Patch Management?

By replacing legacy tools and manual processes with a simple, intuitive, end-to-end solution, Tanium helps
make patch management:


Deploy most patches and updates across your environment in minutes or hours.


Accurately reveal your endpoint environment and the patches and updates missing in it.


Continuously scan and patch your environment without fear of outages or inaccuracy.


Replace hundreds – or thousands – of patch or staging servers with a single distributed instance.


Scan distributed, enterprise-scale environments in minutes and scan new endpoints as soon as they appear.


Scan for missing patches and updates, close them, and report on it all in one central platform.


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