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Gain complete control of all your data

Identify and secure the most important data for your enterprise in seconds, ensuring your intellectual property stays in the right hands.

Tanium — The Power of Certainty

With Tanium, stop incidents from hitting the headlines by managing all the data in your environment and taking immediate action directly at the source — the endpoint.

More data, more problems for CISOs

Data is being created, collected and stored every second. Each new artifact adds to the ever-growing store of intellectual property and personal information that must be secured and monitored.

As a result, CISOs have more data than ever before subject to an increasingly stringent patchwork of regulations and business requirements.

Here are the challenges we hear from top organizations.

Tanium can help.


Shuffling user access

to sensitive data after an acquisition or organizational shift.


Sifting through data access history

to resolve urgent audit requests.


Hunting down critical files

that have been dispersed across the entire environment.


Tired of paying for tools

that disrupt business or mission-critical servers.

The Power of Certainty

A proactive approach to sensitive data with a real-time, accurate view of the risk of data leakage or regulatory exposure with minimal network impact.

Know everything now
Know everything now

Poll all endpoints for sensitive data or unauthorized change events in file paths.

Keep it light
Keep it light

Index file systems of managed hosts with the same lightweight Tanium agent.

Align teams
Align teams

Store a single, shared dataset across your teams to scope for data exposure or risk.

Sensitive Data Monitoring Discover Enforce Risk Impact Threat Response Asset Map Integrity Monitor Reveal Comply Deploy Patch Performance

A modern architecture to address today's growing IT challenges

Extensible data model
Collect new, ad-hoc data from your endpoints at will.

Distributed communications protocol
Gather and distribute data to millions of endpoints with zero intermediate infrastructure in seconds.

Lightweight agent
A single agent with minimal endpoint performance impact that can fit on the smallest chips.


Extend Tanium’s value with our partners

Tanium provides the best possible data source for every workflow that relies on rich and accurate risk and compliance data.

Advisory partners

Advisory partners use Tanium to power data security and privacy assessments, develop people and process solutions, all tailored to your industry-specific frameworks and regulatory requirements.

Services partners

Services partners use Tanium to deliver turnkey compliance solutions as part of a managed service offering or help customers implement and configure Tanium to meet your company-specific requirements.

Technology partners

Technology alliance partners integrate with Tanium to improve integrity and accuracy, ranging from change impact reporting to alerts on authorized change events and more.

Find a Tanium partner

Tanium Results

Our customers experience tangible value — whether it’s dollar or time savings. With Tanium’s Sensitive Data Monitoring solution, the results are undeniable.

0 reduction in unauthorized change events per endpoint
0 reduction in time to identify data leakage
0 increase in discovery of unmanaged assets

Why customers trust and invest in Tanium

Former CISO Top 5 U.S. Financial Institution
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I can’t imagine anybody is excited about paying for Tripwire. I’m so happy I use Tanium instead.

Former CIO Fortune 100 Software Company
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Traditional DLP tools couldn’t solve yesterday’s problems, let alone identify PII data at scale without upsetting users.

Mitch Teichman Senior Manager of Client Engineering, VITAS Healthcare
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The real-time visibility Tanium gives us is a boon for the IT team and leadership. It allows us to report in real time with accurate numbers about something vital to the business.

Monitor and manage sensitive data without end-user impact

Choose Tanium to experience a sensitive data monitoring solution with features to address today’s challenges.

Customized rule sets enabling precise monitoring of files adhering to specific regulatory compliance standards (e.g., PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA)

Intelligent pattern recognition to identify sensitive data deeply embedded in unstructured files

Automatic labeling of critical system file changes as they occur to direct attention to priority investigations

Simplified watchlist creation with straightforward migrations of content libraries from other products

Native integration with third-party SIEM, SOAR or other data logging solutions

The Power of Certainty

Experience complete visibility over all your endpoints and perform large scale actions within minutes, right now.

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