of IT leaders find critical updates believed to be deployed were not actually updated on all devices.

Tanium Resilience Gap Study

The annual cost for governments to maintain out-of-date computer systems.

Government Accountability Office (GAO)

The time it takes for exploits and vulnerabilities to be weaponized.

National Security Agency (NSA)

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IBM & Globoforce


The Problem with Traditional Software Management Tools

Traditional software management tools:

  • Lack visibility into the endpoint environment and fail to identify software installed in it.
  • Struggle to distribute and update software across large volumes of distributed endpoints.
  • Utilize legacy architecture that requires inefficient, expensive infrastructure to operate.

Traditional software management tools often force organizations to adopt suboptimal software management practices – such as delayed updates – leaving their environments open to vulnerabilities.

What Tomorrow Looks Like With Tanium

Tanium can perform core software management actions – at scale and with minimal network impact – due to the solution’s unique architecture.

By offering continuous endpoint scanning and efficient file deployment, Tanium provides a comprehensive picture of the software in your endpoint environments with a suite of tools to manage it.

Increase Software Visibility
Increase Software Visibility
Optimize IT-Driven Updates vs. Self Service
Optimize IT-Driven Updates vs. Self Service
Automate Software Management
Automate Software Management
Decrease Mean-Time-to-Deploy
Decrease Mean-Time-to-Deploy
Perform Quick and Accurate Assessments
Perform Quick and Accurate Assessments
Deploy Updates at Scale Any Time
Deploy Updates at Scale Any Time

Create a Streamlined Software Management Capability

By bringing all essential asset data together into one console, Tanium’s solution provides organizations with a powerful, single source of truth.

Software Package Creation

Dramatically reduce the amount of time admins spend building software packages every month.

Bundled Software Installations and Updates

Create bundles of software that can be installed or upgraded on relevant endpoints across your environment.

Operation System Upgrades

Simplify and accelerate the process of updating operating systems before they get marked for end-of-service.

Software Usage Reporting

Tanium provides a simple, comprehensive, and accurate picture of how software is – or is not – being used in your environment.

SCCM would take sometimes an hour or two just to deploy a package to a user’s machine. Now we can type in that machine and deploy in minutes.

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Why Tanium for Software Management?

By replacing legacy tools and manual processes with a lightweight, intuitive, end-to-end solution, Tanium helps make software management:


Deploy new updates and installations across your environment in hours – not days, weeks or months.


Continuously see where software is installed, out-of-date and actually being used across your environment.


Scan enterprise-scale environments and deploy software to thousands of endpoints with minimal impact.


Reduce the burden on IT and spend less time creating and installing software updates and managing infrastructure.


Replace hundreds – or thousands – of servers with a single distributed instance.


Scan for missing updates, resolve them and report on it – all in one central platform.


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