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Tanium for state & local government

Unify endpoint management and security, practice strong IT hygiene and help meet regulatory compliance.

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of IT decision makers discover endpoints they were previously unaware of on a weekly or daily basis.

Tanium, Vanson Bourne Visibility Gap Study


of organizations said they were breached as a result of an unpatched vulnerability.

Ponemon Institute


of local governments are unaware they're being targeted for a breach.

ICMA Report

12 Days

are lost coordinating patches across teams for vulnerabilities.

Ponemon Institute


Risk decisions based on real-time data

State and local governments are under immense strain to remain secure amidst a growing number of cyberattacks and malicious threats. IT hygiene is foundational for state and local government cybersecurity posture and decision-makers need visibility into their increasingly complex networks to securely monitor every endpoint. Tanium empowers decision makers with foundational IT hygiene and the necessary visibility and control for real-time risk decisions, whether on-premises, off-premises or in the cloud supporting today’s renewed focus on remote workforce capabilities.



Pinpoint unused software licenses in real time and reclaim costs with Tanium.

Tanium for state and local government

Modernize your security and IT operations, free up resources and aid in the efforts to meet compliance standards with the unparalleled visibility, control and speed of a single platform.

Drive innovation and proper cyber hygiene

Bridge the gaps between your IT operations and security functions by reducing the complexity of your infrastructure, replacing out-dated legacy applications and providing a single source of truth across endpoints.

Act with unparalleled speed

Identify potential threats, contain breaches and remediate risk within seconds or minutes, not days and weeks, regardless of the number of endpoints on your network.

Gain visibility and control

Discover managed and unmanaged assets, query live data from all your endpoints and detect vulnerabilities before they become serious threats, all from a single platform.

Working with Tanium helped us rethink our entire incident response and recovery process. Tanium also gave us critical visibility over every endpoint on our network, the ability to rapidly deploy patches and the ability to validate that those patches were complete. We now rely on this level of visibility and control for all of our IT operations.

State Government CTO

The Power of Certainty

Gain complete visibility over all your endpoints and the control to take action and automate tasks with the only Converged Endpoint Management platform.