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Shut down attackers

Identify and contain adversaries before they can spread across your network.

Tanium — The Power of Certainty

With Tanium, confidently answer the "Are we good?" question, knowing you can report back on any endpoint, anywhere – to fix incidents and prevent them from happening again in seconds.

The stakes are high for CISOs

With the average cost of a successful attack at nearly $9M, the stakes are high and the pressure is on CISOs to maintain security against evolving threats — and it’s only increasing from their stakeholders and CEOs.

No matter what the “easy-button” vendors try to sell you, complete automation or outsourcing the hardest parts of security aren’t foolproof.

Here are the challenges we hear from top organizations.

Tanium can help.


Shifting between ten different tools

giving conflicting signals without indicators of priority.


Counting the hours

it takes to stream endpoint artifacts to the cloud as they hunt down a live attacker.


Drowning in false positives

needed to triage before an executive asks for another report.


Spending time convincing

your operations team to lock down a threat you've identified.

The Power of Certainty

Adaptive, scalable and infinitely extensible threat hunting powered by accurate data to identify and proactively respond to threats in seconds.

Know everything now
Know everything now

Search for arbitrary heuristics and indicators of compromise (IoCs) across your environment in seconds.

Hunt threats anywhere
Hunt threats anywhere

Isolate and remediate compromised endpoints without losing operator context or relying on brittle integrations.

Fix it fast
Fix it fast

Investigate managed hosts for suspicious behavior with the same lightweight Tanium agent you use for operations and compliance.

Align teams
Align teams

Retrieve artifacts for your security operations center and incident response teams and scope lateral attack movement at scale.

Discover Enforce Risk Impact ThreatResponse Asset Map Integrity Monitor Reveal Comply Deploy Patch Performance Threat Hunting

A modern architecture to address today's growing IT challenges

Extensible data model
Collect new, ad-hoc data from your endpoints at will.

Distributed communications protocol
Gather and distribute data to millions of endpoints with zero intermediate infrastructure in seconds.

Lightweight agent
A single agent with minimal endpoint performance impact that can fit on the smallest chips.


Extend Tanium’s value with our partners

For every workflow that relies on accurate threat data, Tanium is the best possible source.

Advisory partners

Advisory partners help customers develop holistic approaches to security readiness, ranging from people and process planning to building tailored scripts to meet company and industry-specific threats.

Services partners

Services partners act as an extension of your team, whether that’s offering Tanium-powered security as a managed service or helping your team implement and tune Tanium to detect and hunt for indicators of advanced attacks.

Technology partners

Technology partners integrate with Tanium to comprehensively collect events to enable advanced analytics and investigations.

Find a Tanium partner

Tanium Results

Our customers experience tangible value – whether it’s dollar or time savings. With Tanium’s Threat Hunting solution, the results are undeniable.

0 reduction in mean time to investigation
0 reduction in mean time to remediation
0 coverage of your security tooling

Why customers trust and invest in Tanium

Former CISO Top 5 U.S. Financial Institution
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I went from being a security leader responsible for security data to being an IT leader responsible for informing the business.

Former CIO Fortune 100 Software Company
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I always felt comfortable knowing that my SOC could move as quickly as my business needs it to, with Tanium.

Former CIO Large Municipal County
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There is simply nothing that works as well at scale - you don’t have to worry about slow links hindering down your incident response anymore.

Intelligent threat hunting for today’s reality

Choose Tanium to experience a threat hunting solution with features to address today’s challenges.

Extensible blocklisting of malicious files and behavior using industry-leading reputation services and databases of global hash-based indicators of compromise (IoCs)

Easily define arbitrary heuristics using simple boolean logic to hunt for advanced adversaries

Real-time alerting of suspicious behavior patterns and data transfers with high-fidelity signals

Surgically quarantine suspicious endpoints at the network level using integrations with leading network security vendors

Augmented intelligence through seamless data integrations with your existing security and operations tools

Apply global policy controls to quickly remediate an incident

Shrink your attack surface by mapping lateral attack movement paths from your most critical assets and users

The Power of Certainty

Experience complete visibility over all your endpoints and perform large scale actions within minutes, right now.

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