Tanium's Unified Endpoint Management and Security Platform Closes IT Gaps

with an architecture that turns decentralization and scale into an advantage.

Reduce Complexity

Eliminate the need for point solutions, reduce your infrastructure costs and close the visibility gap that siloed tools and complex environments create.

Improve Efficiency

Reduce the time and resources needed to perform critical business processes and adapt to disruptions to close the resilience gap and ensure business continuity.

Align Teams

Break down information silos between security and operations teams. Ensure consistent data to close accountability gaps created by disparate teams and systems.



Virtual Event | November 16 - 18, 2020

Join hundreds of fellow IT executives at Converge 2020, our flagship IT management, security and risk conference!

Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with and learn directly from peers, get hands-on training from Tanium experts and hear from leading technology partners about the latest integrations.

Assess Your IT Hygiene and Get Your Cyber Risk Score

Close the resilience, visibility and accountability gaps that have widened since the transition to an unplanned, distributed workforce. Take your first step to reduce complexity, improve efficiency and align teams with unified endpoint management and security.

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13 years
cybersecurity and IT management experience

of the Fortune 100 deploy Tanium solutions

endpoints are managed globally with Tanium

#4 "Best Workplaces in Technology" by FORTUNE

The Tanium Story

Creating powerful customer connections since 2007.

Founders David and Orion Hindawi recognized that the most pressing cybersecurity and IT management issues couldn’t be solved by technology alone. 

Assembling the most in-depth expertise and talent in the market, they built a company fueled by a passion for customer success and innovation to ensure precious data is secured and operations remain resilient – and can scale across the largest global networks.

Endpoint Protection – Fast, Simple, Comprehensive

Go beyond prevention. Take control of your endpoint environment and address the root cause of endpoint risk.

Organizations have flooded their networks with unsecured endpoints, and traditional endpoint protection tools fail to address the root causes of endpoint incidents. Tanium’s endpoint protection solution bundles critical hardening, detection, response and reporting features into a single unified solution operable from one cloud-based console.

By replacing legacy endpoint protection tools with a single, streamlined solution, Tanium Unified Endpoint Security makes endpoint protection fast, flexible, scalable – and capable of driving a meaningful transformation of your endpoint environment’s risk posture.

Save Time & Effort
Save Time & Effort
Lower Operational Costs
Lower Operational Costs
Gain Visibility & Control
Gain Visibility & Control
Reduce Endpoint Risk
Reduce Endpoint Risk
Suffer Fewer Incidents
Suffer Fewer Incidents
Build a More Secure Environment
Build a More Secure Environment

Why Customers Choose Tanium

Instant Visibility. Extensive Control. Unparalleled Scalability. Enterprise Speed.

Hear why customers choose Tanium to manage and secure their endpoints.

How Tanium Helps IT Teams

Unparalleled Speed, Visibility and Control – at Scale

Achieve extensive visibility and control across endpoints on your network and scale to millions of endpoints, all without requiring additional infrastructure.

Battle-tested by the Largest, Most Technically Demanding Environments

Confidently provide manageability and security across your network knowing over half of the Fortune 100 and all five U.S. military branches trust Tanium.

Unified Platform to Alleviate Tool Sprawl

Streamline patch management, endpoint detection, incident response and more – all without additional agents or complexity – with unified endpoint management and security.

Exceptionally Relentless Focus On Customer Success

Rely on our commitment to dedicated and personalized service in order to help you drive business-critical outcomes. Our track record of successful customers speaks for itself.

The Most Technically Demanding Organizations Trust Tanium

The visibility we gained with Tanium was incredibly impressive. Classifying inventory and discovering IoT devices has been made possible.

Ken Athanasiou Former CISO, AutoNation

Operating on a global scale provides a lot of challenges when it comes to knowing your environment. For the first time, we’ve been able to get a fast and accurate picture of our environment with Tanium.

Troels Oerting Former Group Chief Security Officer, Barclays

Using Tanium, a team member asked ‘What machines are running Thunderbolt monitors?’ and got the answer back immediately. Leveraging Tanium, the team correlated the event of a specific monitor being plugged in with the network outage, which was the key data needed to isolate the issue with the display.

Jason White Director of the CSIRT, GoDaddy

Tanium is very good at answering very specific questions, being able to get the data back is so satisfying and raises the level of quality of the analyst data.

Sutter Health Team Cyber Security & Privacy Investigation Team, Sutter Health

Before Tanium we were always behind the curve with virus definitions. We were always playing catch up. It wasn’t unusual for 5–10% of our devices to be out of compliance with our policy. Once we deployed Tanium, our average went down to less than 1% almost overnight.

Greg Fisbeck Former Senior Manager of Cyber Security Operations, Whirlpool